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Disaster plan - Hurricanes and Typhoons

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I posted this in my lj but, added a few things.

In an age of terrorist danger and with memories of the nightmare in New Orleans still fresh, the Texas exodus raises a troubling question: Can any American city empty itself safely and quickly?

I have to say no. Actually this is true for any large town/city in the world. I just can't see many cities handling it. You'll get those that want out now. Those that take a wait and see approach. Those that say I'm not leaving no matter what. The poor, the elderly, and the sick won't be able to leave. People with animals will won't to bring them no matter what.

It'll be chaos.

Then there is the whole 'metroplex' thing. If my area had to evacuate ... y'all think Houston was bad? ***shivers*** We are spread out over at least six counties and Texas' counties aren't exactly small. It'll just turn in a worse disaster.

So, how many of y'all have a plan for various things? Ask yourselves various things.

Do you know where you are going? Do they know you'll be heading that way?
Do you have medications? Are your medications where you can grab them easily?
Do you have a designated person that has your numbers that within your family? (The numbers as in work, schools, home, cells, etc.) Do you have someone outside your 'immediate' family who has them too? (Someone who does not live with you.)
Are your animals transportable? Do you have cages/kennels for them or something to take them in?
Do you have an emergency kit? It needs a flashlight, various batteries, various band-aids, some antiseptic, some anitbiotic, hydrocotisone, a cold/hot pack, various meds, and more but, that's up to y'all.
Do you have a family member or friend that can pick up your kids or will find them? I would do one that lives close by and then one that doesn't. That way everyone can find them.
If for some reason you can't go to your 'designated site' and y'all get displaced elsewhere where with whom or what organization will you contact? Examples: Red Cross, FEMA, a family member, friend.
Will you do anything different for different disasters. What can possibly hit/happen to you? What will/can you do in each?

There is always more but, that's a good start. I would write it down and discuss it with a the whole family. That way every knows what to do. I would even review it when disasters happen elsewhere and it hasn't affected y'all. It's good reinforcement. Especially for kids.

Meh ... now I have this weird thought.

Anyways, the article this is from is the following one.

Best-Laid Plans Weren't Enough in Texas

Looks like we've avoided the worst of Rita or at least that's what they are saying. Looks like it'll be affecting less populous areas.
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