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FIrst link post - Hurricanes and Typhoons

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Hurricane Rita news

Where is Rita going to hit? MSN video link
Comparing Rita to Katrina MSN video link
Texas governor on preparations for Hurricane Rita MSN video link
Rita slams Florida MSN video link
Janine Albert in Key Largo, Florida MSN video link
Rita rages in Gulf MSN video link
Mandatory evacuations in New Orleans MSN video link
Rita's path MSN video link
Mike Seidel in Key West, Florida MSN video link
Mayor reverses on reopening New Orleans MSN video link
Most but, not all, flee Keys ahead of Rita MSN video link
La. Governor: 'Prepare your family, prepare your home MSN video link

I'll post more MSN video links tomorrow. ^__^

From CNN.com
Hurricane Rita is history's third most intense
Hurricane Rita's winds were at 175 mph Thursday as it spun closer to the Texas coast -- where it is projected to make landfall early Saturday -- and as thousands of residents began streaming from the Gulf Coast.

Massive traffic jams as Texans flee Rita

Houston-Area Residents Flee As Rita Nears From Yahoo
Rita's Rain Begins Falling in New Orleans From Yahoo
Southwest La. prepares for flooding From Yahoo
Texas 'ready for the worst' from Rita From Yahoo
New Orleanians brace for Rita, want city back From Yahoo
Will the levees hold? From Yahoo

Recent breaking news:

WASHINGTON (AP) The Labor Department reports that the number of people thrown out of work by Hurricane Katrina has risen to 214,000, including 103,000 last week.
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