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Hurricanes and Typhoons

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Hurrican Stan Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 03:30 pm
Storms Leave 82 Dead Across Cent. America

Also, I am sorry for lack of updates. I am currently working on a system for it in my email and such. Give me a week or two and hopefully we'll have updates and such. If any of y'all want to help go ahead and post and such.

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Admin: Update Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 04:11 am
I added some links to our sidebar. Will probably add more info later.

I am going to start finding all the ljs related and such. If y'all want you can also help me find more.

Edit: I updated the infor page with some storm names. I plan on adding more. If anyone can find away to make it prettier I would love y'all 'cause it won't work right. I also, plan on putting a few links and info there. I've also, done all the memory stuff. I hope this helps everyone.

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Disaster plan Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 08:34 pm
I posted this in my lj but, added a few things.

In an age of terrorist danger and with memories of the nightmare in New Orleans still fresh, the Texas exodus raises a troubling question: Can any American city empty itself safely and quickly?

I have to say no. Actually this is true for any large town/city in the world. I just can't see many cities handling it. You'll get those that want out now. Those that take a wait and see approach. Those that say I'm not leaving no matter what. The poor, the elderly, and the sick won't be able to leave. People with animals will won't to bring them no matter what.

It'll be chaos.

Then there is the whole 'metroplex' thing. If my area had to evacuate ... y'all think Houston was bad? ***shivers*** We are spread out over at least six counties and Texas' counties aren't exactly small. It'll just turn in a worse disaster.

So, how many of y'all have a plan for various things? Ask yourselves various things.

Do you know where you are going? Do they know you'll be heading that way?
Do you have medications? Are your medications where you can grab them easily?
Do you have a designated person that has your numbers that within your family? (The numbers as in work, schools, home, cells, etc.) Do you have someone outside your 'immediate' family who has them too? (Someone who does not live with you.)
Are your animals transportable? Do you have cages/kennels for them or something to take them in?
Do you have an emergency kit? It needs a flashlight, various batteries, various band-aids, some antiseptic, some anitbiotic, hydrocotisone, a cold/hot pack, various meds, and more but, that's up to y'all.
Do you have a family member or friend that can pick up your kids or will find them? I would do one that lives close by and then one that doesn't. That way everyone can find them.
If for some reason you can't go to your 'designated site' and y'all get displaced elsewhere where with whom or what organization will you contact? Examples: Red Cross, FEMA, a family member, friend.
Will you do anything different for different disasters. What can possibly hit/happen to you? What will/can you do in each?

There is always more but, that's a good start. I would write it down and discuss it with a the whole family. That way every knows what to do. I would even review it when disasters happen elsewhere and it hasn't affected y'all. It's good reinforcement. Especially for kids.

Meh ... now I have this weird thought.

Anyways, the article this is from is the following one.

Best-Laid Plans Weren't Enough in Texas

Looks like we've avoided the worst of Rita or at least that's what they are saying. Looks like it'll be affecting less populous areas.
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Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 01:48 pm
I just got a call from nepenthene, who evacuated her home in Texas over a day ago to escape Hurricane Rita, which was pretty much going to hit her home at category five. She, her boyfriend, and her pets are stuck in Lufkin, Texas—the radio proclaimed there would be gas there at a certain spot, so hundreds of people showed up only to find no gas.

She is out of gas and sitting in a parking lot with hundreds of people. There are no cops, no help, and the store they could go to is closed and will not reopen until Monday. Along with her, among the hundreds of people, there are children and the ill. There's of course a woman who has diabetes with insulin that needs to be kept on ice, but there is nowhere to buy it. They are stuck and without help.

Rita is going to blow through there at a category one, which may be better than being stuck on the interstate in Houston (which most likely means death), but there is going to be rioting, death, starvation, looting, and severe injuries once the storm hits. And a category one does not necessarily mean that people in the parking lot will live.

They need help NOW. I'm urging you all, any who read this, to call the Red Cross or the city of Lufkin or whoever might be able to get something DONE in this situation. People are left to die.

Go and bitch at who you can. Pass this along. Please.

Here are the numbers for the Red Cross and the city of Lufkin (which may even be abandoned/shut down, but it's worth trying):

Lufkin, Texas: (936) 634-8881

The American Red Cross (in Orange County, TX): (409) 883-2322

FEMA: 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362)

And here's the Lufkin website: http://www.cityoflufkin.com/

If anyone has any numbers I don't that people can call and actually reach people, please comment with them. People lives are once again on the line, and more people will die.

Links Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:08 am
Hurricane Rita

From Yahoo As Many As 24 Killed in Texas Bus Fire That's sad.

In other news ... roads are really busy in my area. Gas is becoming short and stores are running out of stuff. Those two (gas and store stuff) I know from personal experience since I work at Wally-world. ^__^

Houston, Galveston May Avoid Direct Hit From Yahoo

Escape from Houston is a slow-motion 'hell' From Yahoo

As Vermilion evacuates, 1957 hurricane not far from minds From Yahoo

Officials' advice on keeping vital records safe in an emergency Yahoo video

Tropical storm in China
More than 100,000 evacuated as south China braces for tropical storm From Yahoo
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Hurricane Rita news

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I'll post more MSN video links tomorrow. ^__^

From CNN.com
Hurricane Rita is history's third most intense
Hurricane Rita's winds were at 175 mph Thursday as it spun closer to the Texas coast -- where it is projected to make landfall early Saturday -- and as thousands of residents began streaming from the Gulf Coast.

Massive traffic jams as Texans flee Rita

Houston-Area Residents Flee As Rita Nears From Yahoo
Rita's Rain Begins Falling in New Orleans From Yahoo
Southwest La. prepares for flooding From Yahoo
Texas 'ready for the worst' from Rita From Yahoo
New Orleanians brace for Rita, want city back From Yahoo
Will the levees hold? From Yahoo

Recent breaking news:

WASHINGTON (AP) The Labor Department reports that the number of people thrown out of work by Hurricane Katrina has risen to 214,000, including 103,000 last week.
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My ack! posts from yesterday. I am going to work on later some links and such but this is to just to have something up. ^__^

Y'all are more than welcome to post.

Sep. 21st, 2005 05:29 pm Still ack!!
We are calling my cousin and some other extended relatives to tell them to get out of Houston et. al. 'cause now it's a category 5 storm.

Mandatory evacuations are in affect for low lying areas in Houston. They may end up ordering more.

Also, they are evacuating a lot small towns along the coast. Hospitals and nursing homes are mandatory.

For those wondering about pets they are saying that in the Texas evacuations that they are encouraging people to bring them. They don't want anyone to stay behind just for their pets. I totally understand wanting to bring your pets.

Oil and gas prices will be going up. So, y'all better fill your tanks now. Oil rigs and refineries are being evacuated too.

Apparently they are trying not to repeat Katrina.

I have a bad feeling this one may be the big one for Texas.

They are saying the waters are warm out there so, it'll probably still be pretty strong when it hits. Possibly still a category 5 or maybe 4.

If anyone needs help to find hotels or anything else just yell. We'll try to help as much as we can.

Anyways, I'm going to keep updating since this is affecting my home state. ^_^

Sep. 21st, 2005 09:42 am Adds to earlier ack!!!
I am currently watching a press conference in Houston or thereabout's and it sounds like they are calling for voluntary evacuations. Especially for those in low lying areas and areas that have flooded before or what they call 100 year flood plain areas.

I'll update more on Rita if y'all want. ^__^



Also, for those on yahoo ... have y'all noticed they changed it from Donate for Hurricane Katrina relief to Donate for Hurricane Relief? Huh ...

Sep. 21st, 2005 09:09 am Ack!!
Rita panic continues.

Looks like we'll be in the direct path of Rita. They are saying that by the time she reaches my area she'll be a tropical storm. Which means lot's of rain and tornados. ^__^ This'll be on Sunday when it reaches my area.

Haven't heard anything about Houston still but, they are saying mandatory evacuations for Galveston. They are wanting to evacuate Galveston first and then they'll start on other areas. ^__^

Sep. 20th, 2005 03:20 pm ^__^
So, for those wondering ... supposedly Rita will come over my area. At least that what the current models show. Luckily we live so far inland that'll be mainly just rain. Right now Galveston is being evacuated. Right now those are voluntary but, if it strengthen like they think they'll force them this time. I believe Houston is in the path too. Houston get's flooded a lot but, this could make it bad. If they start calling for evacuations there too this could get really nasty. My family has already contacted my cousins and some friends and we helped some find temporary shelter for just in case situation. That way they can just concentrate on getting the heck out of there.

Meh ...

Also, have y'all noticed they are at R? They are almost out of letters. I think they come up with 21 every year. They are pretty sure they'll run out then they'll start using Greek letters. They think. Anyways, I know that isn't the full alphabet but, they don't use all of them. ^__^
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